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Book 1
Month 1-You have a heart. Feel love in every heart beat

Book 2
Month 2- That's your body forming. Discover what you can do with it!

Book 3
Month 3- Fingers and toes develop and on those we can learn our 1,2,3's

Book 4
Month 4- Even if you can't see them, your teeth are being made now so let's make the most of all 5 food groups

Book 5
Month 5- You can move now!! Ready, set, exercise!

Book 6
Month 6- What you hear is mommy's voice. Learn all kinds of sounds made by letters and words

Book 7
Month 7- If you can start to respond to different sensations, then it's time to know about your 5 senses

Book 8
Month 8- For that amazing brain that was carefully created - how about a tease and a rhyme with all sorts of colors and shapes?

Book 9
Month 9- Ready for the world? Visit each contintent to learn their cultures and languages