Healthy Oatmeal Snacks for the Hungry Mom


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Oats are a super healthy food for anyone who wishes to supply their body with valuable energy and nutrients that benefit their whole lifestyle. Whether you consume it in a smoothie, with yogurt, in homemade oatmeal bars, instead of flour on pancakes, cookies or on top of your cereal! Oats are usually a ready-to-go food perfect for those of us who live fast.

Many people wonder if oats are good for pregnant women. They are not only good, they are quite perfect! Oats are rich in nutrients that help support the pregnancy needs you may have. Just check the label of the brand you purchase to know what they carry.

What sort of nutrients you need to look for? Oats have high amounts of folic acid, iron, B vitamins and fiber. All of these not only help you feel healthier and energized, but it also aids the development and growth of the little person inside you.

We searched for recipes to share with you, so here are 3 featured recipes using oats 🙂

  • Pumpkin Spice Granola – it’s still autumn and we love pumpkin spice! Check out GF With LB’s homemade recipe and enjoy it even by the handful!
  • No Bake Raw Chocolate Pomegranate Oat Bites – These treats are perfect for those times when you want to munch on something sweet but don’t want to feel guilty about it. Visit Kiddielicious Kitchen to be surprised as how healthy this recipe really is!
  • Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal Bars – “…tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast packed with whole grains and warm fall flavors” is how the creator of this exquisite oatmeal bars describes them; and boy she is right! Go to Hummusapien to know this recipe.

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