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Pregnancy Glow


Bornbrite Mom Letters

I would catch myself dreaming of all those super cute pregnancy outfits and pictures I saw of mom’s wearing little dresses where only her perfect bump would pop out….little did I know that the rumor of “girls are carried on the hips” was true! 

I had an amazing pregnancy- very few morning sickness moments, tonssss of super yum cravings…but the first couple of months right before that belly starts to actually look like I’m pregnant- avoided me to actually feel that ‘pregnancy glow’…I felt FAT! 

My hips and thighs were the first thing to start changing (which didn’t represent my baby actually growing) and even though I had never imagined having so many places to dive in not only for advice and “solutions” , there was one tiny trick that would make me focus and just let go and be sooooooo happy as a preggo mama: the sound of my baby’s heart beat!!! 

Every time I’d go into the doctor’s office and , why not- get weighed!!! Well right after I’d have the chance to “re-charge”‘my glow and irradiate happiness by hearing my baby’s heart!!!!

There are many moments where pregnancy isn’t all pink hearts and violins- but if you give it a chance and actually understand it’s NOT about you (or your body!), it’s actually empowering to know you’re giving life to an amazing human being created by you! 

Enjoy every minute of it and make sure to find whatever it is that does the magic and makes you GLOW during your pregnancy. 

-The Bornbrite® Mom

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