Bornbrite Beditime Stories - Wish Upon A Star Part 4

Wish Upon A Star – Part 4

Bornbrite Beditime Stories - Wish Upon A Star Part 4

Some time has passed now since Calin started this adventure. Through his journey he’s been making new friends that are eager to accompany and help him tell heartwarming stories and create magical moments for everyone in the world. He met Abu the wise frog and then they met Gory, the sweetest and kindest lamb; but none of them knew they were a spaghetti away of meeting Tato.

The first three Bornbrite® friends were walking through a cozy little town where the houses were slim and tall but even though they looked old, their walls kept showing off a bright mix of colors. A particular building, the one farthest away, interested them, because even though they had not realized it, they were really, really hungry.

A yummy scent was drifting out of one of the windows. Like floating ribbon it drifted right at them. Unbelievably it tied them up and started pulling them right to where the house was! Well maybe this didn’t happen exactly like that, but it felt that way to them.

Bornbrite Beditime Stories - Wish Upon A Star Part 4

They were so hungry that when they smelled that warm homemade food, they couldn’t resist it! Once inside they noticed it was a restaurant they took the only table left. As soon as that happened, a silly pink pig came right to them and said: “Welcome to our restaurant, my name is Tato and I’ll be your waiter. Will you be having today’s special or would you like something else?”

“We are not from around here, we are traveling” Calin said, “and we don’t know what you serve, but whatever you are cooking smells delicious! So maybe three plates of that will be more than enough”. “Even if you don’t know what it is?” Tato asked surprised, to what Abu responded “Nothing that smells like that could taste bad, surprise us”. Everyone smiled at that statement and started waiting for their plates.

Tato came back with three plates of spaghetti and meatballs and waited there to see Calin, Abu and Gory’s reaction to their first bite. He didn’t wait for long, almost instantly they started eating and when Gory bit the first meatball it exploded and covered her white wool with tomato sauce!

When Calin ate one of his meatballs, he couldn’t stop laughing! As if it were tickling his body at the same time he ate it! Another meatball popped across the table and made the sound roosters do when the sun wakes up.

Bornbrite Beditime Stories - Wish Upon A Star Part 4

There were meatballs that tasted like candy while others were filled with hot peppers. Literally every meatball had a surprise in it!

Tato couldn’t stop laughing and Calin, Abu and Gory were actually having a blast. “I had never eaten like this! This is amazing, I want to eat like this every single day!” said Abu, which surprised everyone since he was the “serious” one of the group.

“How did you do this!?” everyone asked Tato. “I like to cook and I like to laugh. The same way you spice up your food, you have to spice your life!” Maybe that is why pasta restaurants are usually noisy, Gory had thought, because everyone is laughing and enjoying the amazing food they serve.

“Come with us!” Calin said to Tato, “because we need a cook and we need to laugh, the journey might be long, but it wouldn’t feel that way if you are there too”. Gory and Abu agreed and Tato couldn’t resist. He went back in the kitchen and packed all kinds of tasty foods; the journey was long, they had said, so he packed enough for 30 days.

With full bellies and happy hearts, the Bornbrite® friends were now four. Calin, Abu and Gory were back on track and made a new pal Tato, who taught them life is the best dish to have.

Bornbrite Beditime Stories - Wish Upon A Star Part 4

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