Rich in calcium yogurt snacks



Hey you! Welcome back to another set of healthy snacks for those wild cravings that make your brain take fuzzy decisions for your nutrition. On last week’s entry we shared with you the nutritional benefits of avocado. This time we want you to know why yogurt is an excellent choice to munch on and ingest calcium for your body.

First of all, yogurt is a great source of calcium (it contains as much as milk!) which you and your little one need to keep healthy bones and help muscles and nerves function. It is also good for your pregnancy because it usually contains probiotic bacteria that protect you and your baby against heavy metal exposure.

Remember you need to be sure that it is pasteurized in order for it to be safe to eat!

Doctors encourage pregnant women to eat 3 servings of yogurt per day, so we want to share with you 3 healthy snacks involving tasty and nutritious yogurt for you! (because seriously who wants to eat yogurt just out of a container every day? Where’s the fun in that!?)

Featured healthy snacks:

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  • Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Pancakes – When it comes to pancakes, toppings are the reason for great flavor! Which is why we fell in love (and drooled a bit, to be honest) with this recipe from Such Yummy Stuff.

  • Caramelized Bananas and Granola Yogurt Parfait – Wooooo, this recipe mixes the freshness of yogurt with the sweet and homemade taste of bananas. Find the instructions to make 2 servings (hey one for breakfast and one for a late night snack!) at Imagelicious.
  • Yogurt Raspberry Pops – A fast and literally cool way of getting your yogurt! Using greek yogurt, fresh raspberries and honey Vessie’s Day shows us how to prepare nutritious pops for you and your family.

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