Bornbrite baby board books

Experience through your senses the world around you!


Bornbrite baby board booksThe 7th of our board books addresses the 5 senses your baby is developing to use from the moment she is born! Did you know she can notice when you eat spicy food? Or that she can start to see the difference between light and dark through your belly? 

Thanks to our senses we can learn from the environment around us, which is why it’s extremely important for us to be conscious of what we sense. When the time comes, participate in activities with your kid where she can learn what her senses tell her; for example, take her to the zoo where she can listen to the difference from a roar and a chirp, feel the furry sensation from petting a llama or taste a delicious popsicle on a hot day!

The world is an amazing place, teach your baby how her senses can guide her.

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