Bornbrite baby board books

Don’t feel crazy when talking to your womb!


Bornbrite baby board books
This board book is about your baby’s hearing skills! By now his ears are developing to start recognizing sounds and specially the sound of your voice. Babies can recognize some sounds and even start reacting to them, so expect a little boogie dancing from time to time!

If you previously didn’t start talking to your baby through your belly, by this stage it’s perfect to start reconsidering. Why? Because your voice will be his guidance from the moment he is born. He is receptive to your tone and even mood!

Talk to your baby, tell him how your day went, tell him a story or sing him a song! The point is- it’s good to talk to your baby as he is in the womb. This way he’ll start recognizing more and more of what is outside of his cozy cave and you’ll help him get ready for it.

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