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Hello world!


Hello world! Welcome to our BornBrite® blog! Here you will find valuable information for you to know as a parent to successfully bond with your ‘baby-on-the-way’ and/or your child after birth. Because the most important thing in a family is love, we believe the best way to have this is by learning how to have fun while bonding and growing together.

How can we help you have that in your family? In this blog we’ll be addressing specific topics we thought might interest you, for example:

  • What to know about your baby’s behavior
  • Family bonding techniques
  • Your nutrition and your baby’s
  • Health facts & fitness tips for you and your baby
  • Fun and cute DIY projects, plus
  • A special section just for moms!

All of these, and more, will be delivered to you with the help of our five special friends: Calin, Gory, Abu, Nena and Tato. Find out more about them here!

Our BornBrite® blog is a Mom-To-Mom blog. With the help of the BornBrite® mom (Gabriela Juaristi) we work hard to bring you information you actually care about.

Stay posted and keep track of our articles, but most of all please feel free to contact us through a comment or an email to if there’s something you would like to share or bring to our attention!

Welcome to the BornBrite® community and we hope you love it!

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