Bornbrite books set

Meet our BornBrite® books!


Bornbrite baby board books

Today we want to announce the launching of our BornBrite® baby board book set! This collection was created thinking about the importance of bonding through the womb with your ‘baby-on-the-way’ and how science and research sustain you can create a relationship with your baby by reading to your bump.

What are they about?

Inside our book set you’ll find 9 board books with 9 valuable and heartwarming lessons. Each lesson speaks of one of your baby’s specific developmental stage .  


By reading to your child you are enabling early bonding, stimulating their brain development, facilitating auditory reception and promoting from an early stage, both language and speech skills!

Enjoy our baby books with your ‘baby-on-the-way’ and after birth too! With a magical personality, BornBrite® continues to create fun and joyful experiences for babies as they become toddlers.

You can find and get your book set directly with us for $32.99 with free shipping (for U.S. addresses) through our website’s shop and get it mailed anywhere in the world! (Fees apply for International Shipping ).

And remember, BornBrite® is all about creating and enjoying happy moments through knowledge!

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