baby's physical growth board book

Live, laugh and love! The 3 L’s every human being should know.


baby's physical growth board bookPeekaboo, baby! We can see you now! Our second board book is about your baby’s physical growth and the importance of experiencing the world through our body!  By this stage your baby’s body will be starting to have it’s own shape and their limbs can be detected. Your baby is super,extra tiny though, kind of like 0.8 inches by the end of this month!

Imagine the complexity of the anatomical process your baby is undergoing by this stage! By now the pregnancy signs will be easy for you to detect … Hey! Maybe your toilet will be your best friend in the morning for a while! So let the idea of this baby sink in and learn through this process what your baby needs.

Once your baby is born, teach him to hold with his hands and hug with his arms! Teach her to laugh when happy and to observe the world not only with her eyes but with her whole body…because life is only possible through it.

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