baby board book

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Count your fingers and your toes!


baby board book

This board book is about your baby’s fingers and toes, which will fully develop by month 3 and they will even be able to even close and open their hands now. Your baby just went from an embryonic stage to the foetal period, this means that by now their organs, muscles and nerves are starting to function!

This is a really exciting stage because now you can definitely see the tiny person you are carrying and nurturing! In this stage it is impossible to not start day-dreaming about how your baby will be, what will she like or what will he reject!? The important thing is you are fully capable of loving them and teaching them how everything, specially the little details (like their toes), matter when  adding them up to a bigger equation: the one of a human being.

Previously, we talked about experiencing the world through your body, which is why now is a good time to state the importance of understanding how that tiny person, and body, can add up to the world by always being the best human they can. So, let’s start counting fingers and toes and understand how to be a whole!

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