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Motherhood is probably the most important stage (and role) in a woman’s life. Even though it’s a natural process, there are so many things to consider that it is virtually impossible to know everything you need to know, especially if you’re a first time mom.

If you’re expecting, then probably many people around you have shared advice or their own experience on parenting with you. Besides that, on the internet you can find plenty of useful and trustworthy information to prepare you for your “mom role”.

But, on the sea of information that you can navigate, where is the best advice you can get? The fast answer is: other moms.

Have you heard of the term: momsourcing? Yes, it’s kinda like when you outsource a supplier in a business! But this kind of business is the most important one! It’s called being a parent.

Momsourcing is when moms share and teach each other experiences, tips, reviews, photos, and anything about motherhood. This happens inside online forums or their own social media! Because honestly, the best and most trustworthy advice will always come from another mom like yourself.

At Bornbrite® we believe momsourcing is a key event in this stage of learning which is why we take pride in letting people know our brand’s brain and full support comes from a real mom. The Bornbrite® mom is not only CEO of her house but of her own brand too, and this is why we will always share with you the most transparent and honest mom-advice we can.

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