Bornbrite Mom Letter

Team Work


Bornbrite Mom Letter


I can clearly remember that first month my baby spent at home: mom had come help me for a couple of weeks, my sister was hands on with tips and above alllllll – my husband was the best husband and dad anyone could wish for!

I had nightmares of thinking I wouldn’t hear my baby at night while I slept- boy was I wrong! The mix feelings of being excited and nervous and worried she was doing ok had me on my toes!

I have never been the type that napped during the day, and somehow, that first month I was able to connect my sleeping pattern to my baby’s and sleep every 4 hrs and actually feel rested. Of course, my main break was every morning when my husband would feed her and I’d sleep in.

It was all a novelty- getting to know how she preferred not to be swaddled, how she tucked her hand beneath her chin before sleeping- it was like the best blind date with the person you already knew was the love of your life.

Communication between parents and newborn was vital. You didn’t always know what she wanted or needed, but mom and dad would try it all to make her happy.

The base of this new period is team work- those extra minutes of sleep while the other one jumps in, the pitching in and cooking while the other one changes diapers.

I once read a t-shirt that said “I’m not babysitting, I’m parenting”. Not only do I completely understand and agree with it- I am so thankful for having an amazing husband as part of my team to help me love my little one!

-The Bornbrite® Mom

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