Bonding by reading

The perks of bonding through the womb


Bonding by reading

True bonding with your baby can (and should!) be done as early as possible, and is especially important since research sustains that during pregnancy babies can acknowledge specific sounds; which basically means your baby listens to and identifies your voice.

Babies’ ears and auditory parts of the brain initiate development in the first trimester. With time your baby will evolve her hearing skills and recognize your voice and even mood!

Science has made huge advances on the subject of understanding a baby’s brain and it’s progress through gestation. Recent brain scans and other examinations performed to babies around the world show how they respond to their parents’ voices and recognize speech patterns. (check out the Research section on our website to learn more!)

Thanks to many investigations, we believe babies respond to their parents voices and start preparing for language acquisition right from the womb!

So, the real question here is what will you talk to your baby about?!

Since babies are pretty much tiny human sponges, talk to yours through your belly with care and love, explain what is happening around you, tell her stories or sing lullabies; truly be there,  let her know how much you love her and create a bond before birth.

During any time, in any place and pretty much with any topic, you can bond with your baby just by having her hear the sound of your voice. And even though it might feel like something crazy or even difficult for you to do (because it kinda feels like talking to yourself at first!), please, please, please give it a try to start bonding and growing together!

Remember you are carrying a little person with you 24/7. Let that tiny human being experience the world and learn through you right from the beginning with care and most of all: LOVE.

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