Bornbrite bedtime story part 3

Wish upon a star – part 3


Bornbrite bedtime story part 3


On our last Bornbrite® story, Calin met Abu while surfing and started traveling together. While walking, they paid attention to their surroundings and noticed so many different plants and flowers!

They tried naming them all, using every color they knew, but there were so many different types that soon enough they ran out of colors and settled on just admiring them.

The trees were so tall that Calin thought they were palm trees, but Abu pointed out that palm trees are not as thick as the ones they were looking at. They were quiet and impressed by all the huge roots and diverse shapes of the leaves that when they heard “GOOOOOOAL” it startled them.

Calin & Abu hear something

Calin and Abu glanced at the same direction where the sound came from, they looked at each other and had the same question in mind: who said that!? Calin opened the way through the leaves until both of them reached a wide open field where the fluffiest sheep was playing soccer by herself.

They approached her and as fast as an eye blink , the ball was shot in the air and hit Abu right in the belly! “I’m sorry mister!! I’m really reeeeeally sorry!” said Gory when she noticed what happened.

“Oh don’t worry! I think he doesn’t mind when something crashes into him” said Calin quite giggly and ashamed. “You know, like waves?”. Gory didn’t understand anything at all. She went to pick up her ball and help Abu get up. “Please forgive me, how about we play together!? It’s more fun playing together, don’t you think?”

The Bornbrite friends play together

Calin, Gory and Abu played for hours, they would take turns being goalie and sometimes the game was about playing against an imaginary team (they may have been imaginary but boy could they score!), while other times it was about seeing who could shoot the ball the farthest: the important part was they were having a blast together.

By the time they finished they were very tired, so they all took a nap. When Calin woke up the first thing he saw was a big, creamy strawberry cake! Who knows where Gory had taken it out from (because that was definitely not Abu’s doing), but it was there! And it looked delicious.

“My mom once told me that eating a cake was best with friends” said Gory. “…and I was thinking about how much fun I had while playing with both of you!” , and out of nowhere enthusiastically she blurted out: “So I decided to bake you a cake because I want to be your friend!”

The Bornbrite friends enjoy a cake

Nothing more had to be said! Calin and Abu were thrilled by the thought of being Gory’s friends! They ate the cake together and laughed the entire time. When they finished eating, Calin and Abu looked at each other like the last time they had an unspoken plan together.

“Come with us!” both of them said. “Where to?” asked Gory. They all looked at each other and at the same time said: “It doesn’t matter if you are with friends!”.

Gory cheerfully joined them and before the sun could go to sleep, they set out again to the world, looking for more Bornbrite® friends to join them.

The Bornbrite friends start their journey again

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