Wish Upon A Star - Part 1

Wish Upon A Star – Part 1



One starry night, a dreamer decided to set out on an adventure… This is the story of how that dream came true.

First you must know he was not just the regular idealist. He was the brightest and most caring being of the entire universe, with the most particular wish; to unite families across the world whenever they read his heartwarming stories.

While gazing at the stars he thought: “What do stars think of us? Do they wonder why we laugh or why we cry? Do they know when we are happy? Do they light up our nights so we won’t feel scared if we’re alone? … They must be looking after us… And that’s surely the reason why they can grant us wishes!”

Wish upon a star - part 1

He thought deep and hard about this and made up his mind to try something “crazy”. He filled his lungs with air and shouted as loud as he could: NO ONE DESERVES TO EVER BE ALONE! I WANT TO HELP YOU! I WANT TO BE THERE FOR THEM! I CARE TOO!

Suddenly, something magical happened… Calin saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 shooting stars in the sky followed by a deafening roar. It was so loud that for a second he could not hear anything at all, until… he felt a tingly sensation inside his ears.

Wish upon a star - part 1

It took a whole minute for his hearing to go back to work normally again. Quickly he heard “hahaha!” and he jumped startled wondering where that laughter came from and most important: who was it from!?

The laughter kept repeating and Calin realized it wasn’t just “one laughter”, there were many different types! All with a different pitch, rhythm and volume! Little did he know these were the different laughs of all the children on Earth.

Calin focused on his own thoughts to stop listening to the laughter all the time. Out of all them, one came rushing into his mind like thunder: “I will start exploring the world and on my journey I’ll find new friends to help me be there for all the children and families of the world”.

He packed everything he needed for the trip and started his adventure right away the next morning. With decisive steps and a strong will, Calin knew nothing could go wrong…

Wish upon a star - part 1

Find out who Calin met first on the next Bornbrite® bedtime story!

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