Stronger family bonds through reading



Isn’t it funny how many of us can say something “feels like home”? Most people relate to this phrase, and in different languages too, even though it has little to do with an actual object. Because the real meaning of it, the one everyone shares, is about one of the most natural feelings a human being can sense; the protection of love.

Home is the place where we feel most safe and where we know our family will always be. That family is usually the people who guide us, with their support we are able to overcome or enjoy moments. And that is why being a parent is the most important role in life.

Love is the only manual given to you when you have the blessing of having a child, but sometimes we don’t really know how to start channeling that love to our children. The easy answer to that is to create and share moments together.

Reading to your child should not be considered something of the past, maybe the format (or screen) on which we do it is a combination of what we used to do before, but the truth is that reading creates joyful moments while imagining and learning together; the whole point of doing it together as a family is to grow stronger bonds while sharing lessons and dreams that will keep us sheltered in our journey.

Increased language and speech skills, improved brain development, and tighter family unity are all results of family story time during pregnancy. Research has found that reading to your baby in utero has significant cognitive and emotional effects. The sentimental benefits stem from the conscious and intimate interaction of bonding with the family, resulting in a stronger feeling of connectivity.

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